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INSPIRE your sales team for peak performance

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Doug started in the door to door industry when he was 20 years old, and quickly rose to the top of his company, selling over $2 million in accounts in just a few years.

As a sales trainer, he was asked to observe a top performing rep who was in a two-week slump. They knocked a door together, and the rep said all the right words and even handled objections well. But when it came to the close, he fumbled it, got anxious, and lost the deal.

So they went back to the car and Doug asked him, "Dude, what happened?" And the rep shared that his fiancée recently got cold feet and called off the engagement.

And it was at that moment it hit him...Most people don't have a sales problem. They have a personal problem that's impacting their sales.

We all know that the best time to sell is right after we sold a big account, because we feel motivated and inspired and we're optimistic.

So what would life be like if we felt motivated, inspired and optimistic all the time?

Our sales performance would go up.

“We saw the effectiveness of our team absolutely skyrocket. People that had absolutely zero confidence… their sales shot up. They made a lot more money. I made a lot more money. We all came out happy.”

– Ben Westbrook, Sales manager, Sunrun


Author | Speaker | Founder

Doug Cartwright is a speaker, author, coach and the CEO of Alchemy Sales Coaching, an inspired community focused on lasting change and personal fulfillment for peak sales performance. Doug has personally trained over thousands of sales reps across the country.

Doug is the #1 best-selling author of "Holy Sh!t We're Alive" and former company sales trainer at Vivint; where he managed, recruited, and sold thousands of accounts.

"You don't have a sales problem. you have a personal problem that's impacting your sales"
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